Frequently Asked Questions


The O’Hare Tipline is a tool for members of the public, City employees, and contractors to provide confidential information to the OIG through multiple forms of communication.

What happens to my submissions?

All submissions will be reviewed by Office of Inspector General staff. If you provide contact details, you may be contacted for additional information regarding your complaint.

OIG initiates investigations of its own volition and in response to complaints or suggestions from the general public, City employees, and contractors regarding misconduct, waste, fraud, and abuse in connection with City operations and business. Complaints may be made anonymously. Our complaint line is staffed by Intake Specialists from 8:30 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For calls outside of business hours, you will be referred to voicemail where you may leave allegations, information, and contact information if you wish to be contacted by an Intake Specialist the following day. Please click here to access our 24/7 online complaint form.

Complaints are reviewed and assessed to determine their significance when measured against OIG’s priorities, the credibility of the complainant and the information provided, the existing availability of investigative resources, the office resources that will likely be required to prove or disprove the complaint, the likely benefits from an investigation if found sustained, and the extent to which the opening of an additional investigation may adversely impact the existing case work of OIG investigators. Following this review, three actions may be taken: (a) open an investigation, (b) refer the matter to the appropriate City department, another OIG section, the appropriate sister agency, or the appropriate federal, state, or local law enforcement authorities for investigation or other appropriate action, or (c) decline to investigate for one or more reasons.

Complaints alleging ethics ordinance violations will also be reviewed to determine if they should be opened, referred, or declined. However, by law these complaints may only be declined if the complaint “lacks foundation” or “does not relate to a violation of the Governmental Ethics Ordinance.” In addition, ethics ordinance complaints may only be referred to the employee’s supervisor if “the potential violation is minor and can be resolved internally as a personnel matter.”

Can I remain anonymous?

The OIG conducts confidential investigations. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not provide your name or contact information with your submission.

What are Integrity Monitors?

Integrity Monitors “IMs” are professional services contractors who are charged with investigating, auditing, and testing various processes and contracts associated with O’Hare 21. The IMs are given full access to contractor records and personnel. They monitor contractors’ compliance with laws, policies and procedures, and the contract requirements. The Integrity Monitors report to an Integrity Monitoring Committee consisting of members from the Chicago Department of Aviation, Department of Procurement Services, and Office of Inspector General.

What is the jurisdiction of the OIG?

OIG has oversight of all City employees, elected officials (the Mayor, Aldermen, the City Clerk, and the City Treasurer), appointed officials, and contractors and vendors who provide goods and services to the City. OIG also has jurisdiction over any sister agency pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement authorized by the City Council.

What kind of cooperation is required for OIG investigations?

Officials, employees, departments, agencies, contractors, subcontractors, and licensees of the City have a duty to cooperate with any OIG investigation. Cooperation includes: being truthful, candid, and forthcoming when interviewed and providing any requested records. Each department’s premises, equipment, personnel, books, records and papers shall be made available as soon as practicable. To prevent even the appearance that one is withholding pertinent information, those involved should avoid narrowly construing interview questions or record requests, and promptly provide requested records. Even when only a general question is posed, the response should include any specific information that may potentially be relevant.

Are investigations confidential?

By law, OIG investigatory files and reports are confidential and shall not be divulged except to law enforcement entities or appropriate officials in the context of cases where it has found violations of regulations, policy or law warranting disciplinary action.

Who has to comply/coordinate with an investigations?

All City officials, employees, departments, agencies, contractors, subcontractors, licensees, and applicants for certifications must cooperate with OIG in any investigation or hearing.